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HAT 50K – Race Recap

HAT 50K was back and this is my quick race recap of how things played out.

What went right?

  • Using ice once it got hot. I only had one bottle since I didn’t think the weather would be an issue. I filled ice in the front of my vest using a plastic sandwich bag and it help prevent me from overheating.
  • I don’t think I need to carry as much food as I did and relied on the aid stations. In races I think I carry too much food when I really don’t need it.

What went wrong?

  • Keeping my tailwind powder in the back of my backpack is a mistake. I never felt like taking it out. You should keep it somewhere to help quickly refill your bottles.
  • I should keep a 2nd bottle in my backpack in the event heat becomes an issue. I started to run out of water between aid stations.

What I would do differently?

  • Keep using the food at aid stations if you know it will be decent. The food in this race is always great.
  • Put my powder refills in a more accessible location, not my backpack.
  • Keep a backup bottle that is unfilled. I might even want to carry 3 of them if its crazy hot, or one of them starts to leak. The heat can end your race so its critical to have enough water.

Final Thoughts?

HAT 50K is one of the best races to start your year off. It’s challenging enough to remind you that you need to put in the training if you want to have a successful year.

Side note: I am debating on getting a “Memento Mori” tattoo on my calf. I was reminded during the race when I saw one that read “Celeriter aut mori”. That translates to “Run fast or die” with a skull above it. What is inspiring the idea of the tattoo was a recent podcast from Tim Ferriss that talked about the tail end. The idea we only have so many of these experiences left. I like to be reminded that I can’t waste time on trivial issues and problems and need to do what is most important in life NOW. Please enjoy the video I made which shows the race through my eyes. I make these videos because there will come a time I can no longer do this, and I like to look back on these fun experiences that not everyone might be lucky enough to have.

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