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About Patrick Durante

First recorded race photo I could find. BSR in the late 90s

In all began on the road

My name is Patrick Durante, and I hail from South Philadelphia. My journey into the world of running wasn’t immediate; it was a passion that took shape over time, inspired by my father, Pascal Durante. I grew up watching him participate in iconic races such as the Broad Street Run, the Philadelphia Distance Run, and other local competitions. It was his dedication that made me think, “If he can do it, so can I.” After completing my first Broad Street Run (BSR), I found myself drawn to increasingly longer and more challenging events.

Racing became a shared family endeavor, with my father and I competing side by side in several Philadelphia events. Our first Philadelphia Marathon together was in 2009. It wasn’t long before other family members joined in; my mother, Barbara, and my brother, Joe, also took part in the BSR, turning our running into a full-fledged family affair. Collectively, we boast over 65 finishes at the BSR alone.

Trail Running

A place that we frequented in my youth was the Wissahickon. It took years before I decided to run on the single-track trails.  Part of me believed it was only for mountain bikes, not running.  I worried about falling or tripping on the rocks.  Trail running was starting to take off at that time in Philadelphia and I participated in races by Pretzel City Sports and Uber Endurance.

The turning point in my endurance career occurred at the Sloppy Cuckoo race in Pennypack Park. It was during this race that I realized my preference for trail running over road running. Even with my brief involvement in triathlons, I found that I still enjoyed trail running the most. Once kids came into the picture, it became challenging to find time for swimming and road biking. After a severe bike accident involving a car, which resulted in a nine-day hospital stay, I decided to commit to trail running fully and registered for my first 50K.

UltraRunning Career

I took on my first 50K at the Blues Cruise 50K, which is one of the best races for first-time ultra runners in the Philadelphia area. I have just completed my tenth finish and plan to participate in this race year after year. That first ultra challenged me more than any triathlon ever had. I relished being out in nature for extended periods and became fond of the trail-running community. From that point on, with my father serving as the aid station captain, I tackled increasingly longer events, including 50 miles, 100 kilometers, and finally the Oil Creek 100 miler in 2018. I also have the support of my in-laws, Charlie, Elaine, and Aunt Kristin who look after the kids while I compete in these races. Without them, and my supportive wife, I would never make it to the starting line.

The 100 Mile Distance

The 100-miler was an unparalleled challenge, igniting a passion unlike any other race. Even after completing nine 100-mile races, I am continuously learning new aspects of the distance and strategies to conquer it. Nowadays, I participate in one or two 100-mile races each year. These races are incredible journeys that I share with my father, and they bring a lasting sense of joy. In 2023, I competed in a race I had always dreamed of, the Leadville Trail 100. It was the pinnacle of my running career. Every bone in my body drove me to complete this race, and I crossed the finish line with just 20 minutes to spare before the cutoff.

Coaching and YouTube Channel

In 2023, I earned my UESCA Ultrarunning Coaching Certification to assist others in reaching their ultrarunning aspirations. Over the last few years, I’ve been capturing footage of my races and have begun sharing them on my YouTube channel. The purpose is to showcase the breathtaking vistas that trail running offers. Like my father, I aim to motivate my children through these videos to embrace life’s tough challenges.

The name of my site is a nod to one of my favorite bands from my youth, The Bouncing Souls. I spent many nights at punk shows in Philly, frequenting venues like the Trocadero. It was through the band that I met my loving and supportive wife, and for that, I am eternally thankful. If you find my site useful or need assistance for your next trail adventure, please feel free to comment or email me.

What’s Next

I plan to do more 5K races with my kids, coaching, and a few more 100-mile races, or maybe longer distances. I will keep showing up every year taking on some new challenge until I can no longer do this. Is there any other option? Thanks for reading!

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