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Tag: what happens when you die

A Runner’s Final Race

This is my view of what happens the second after a runner dies.  This post is inspired by the book “Sum: Tales from the Afterlives” which is 40 different ideas about what it’s like the instant after you die.

At that exact moment, you are transported to the start of a race.  The final race.  It will be the longest distance you have ever run.  You are positioned on the starting line.  You look back at the other runners and notice a lot of them look familiar.  The gun fires and the race is off, the race takes place through all the places you lived or visited.  It will see the sights you loved, the streets you grew up on, or maybe the playgrounds of your youth.  As you start to pass other runners you notice they are people that played a role in your life, teachers, friends, parents, and co-workers.  They run alongside you and talk about some of the best moments in your life, the moments you shared together.   

As you reach the final point of interest you turn a corner to see the finish line.  The familiar crowds shout your name as you approach.  They clap for you as you sprint toward the finish.  You hit stop on your watch, but notice there is no time displayed.  As you sit there exhausted, the people in your life cross one by one.  You talk to them about their race.  You discuss the highs, and lows and what you enjoyed about the course.  They say their final words and then walk away until the last person leaves.  You look around to see if finish times are posted, but they are not.  You notice a large board with your name and all the people you helped complete the race.  You sit down on the grass, by the side of the course, bathing in the sun as you enjoy final race memories and cherish your last race… 

If life is what you make it can’t death be the same?

Death is heal striking!

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