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Tag: endurance racing

Vermont 100!

The biggest question about running 100 miles is – How do you train for it? Consistency! Run every day or almost every other day. Find a schedule that works for you! Most advice says to match the course and conditions of race day. The issue with that advice is nobody knows what race day will bring. So what do you do? Just run and make training difficult! Run as much as you can fit into your schedule. Run with a weighted vest, run sprints. Run hill repeats, just do things you might not normally do. Cross train and just do things that keep you active. The thing about 100s, much like life, is the formula that works for one person may cause another person to DNF. Push your limits in training so come race day you have incredible mental confidence. The day of the race you will have to go beyond what you thought you could do, or most want to do. That is done by being consistent, holding a steady pace, and having fun the entire time!