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Would you like to live forever?

If you could take a pill to stop aging or extend your life by 200 years, would you?  Multiple stories about biohacking and anti-aging research are in the news.  It made me think that might be the most horrible thing to happen to a person or society.  People can barely save for retirement or an emergency fund, how would you even be able to afford a 100-year retirement?  Would anybody retire? 

Will your friends and family be able to afford the magic anti-aging pill or treatment?  Odds are they will not, which means SOME of your best and closes friends and family will die while you live on. What is the best age to lock in for eternity, 29, or maybe 39?

The fact that we have an expiration date means we HAVE to take risks NOW!  There’s a concept in management called Parkinson’s law, ”Work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion”.  Basically, you would never be motivated to finish anything because you know there’s time.  No set end date for your life or tasks.  You could waste a year in bed watching TV, but would it matter?  Should the drug have productivity requirements?  Only those that contribute to society could take it.  So only “essential workers” would get it?  Do you want to just watch TV and play video games? Sorry kid! No soup for you!

It’s not the cure for aging we need, it’s the cure for fear.  The fear of embarrassment, fear of starting something new, fear of taking a risk, fear of pushing limits, and fear of getting uncomfortable or hurt.  We don’t need more excuses to put things on hold. Would you put everything off or would you take action? Just wait until next year, the weather is better, or you have more money. You would always be putting things off! What’s the rush!?!?  It’s like that quote from Jurrasic park, 

Dr. Ian Malcolm: “Yeah, yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.” 

Jurrasic Park

Think about when you lost someone close and how it forces you to re-evaluate your life. Death is a reminder, a wake-up call to those barely living to get moving! Will your actions right now be alive time or dead time? Every choice you make is a vote for the person you want to be. Cure for aging, no I’m good.  Cure for fear, sign me up!

Ultrarunner Checklist Manifesto

Inspired by the book, The Checklist Manifesto, this checklist comes from my personal list after completing 6-100 milers and several 50/100K races. I reviewed my race reports to create this but wanted the input of the community. List items should be simple and self-explanatory so it’s quick to review leading up to your race.

Experience is king, so learn from the mistakes that I and others have made. If you think there is something I should add please let me know.

Click here or the link on the left to see the checklist.

The Importance of Setting an Example Master Runner Podcast

I ran with Mike Warren at Rim to River 100 a few weeks ago and he then invited me to speak on his podcast “Master Runner”. He focuses on those of us between the ages of 40 and 49. He takes a deep dive into the stories behind these fellow master, grandmaster (50-59), and senior grandmaster (60+) athletes, along with their successes, struggles, and favorite mistakes they’ve made along the way.

As a child, Patrick, a newly minted master runner at the age of 41, remembers countless days accompanying his dad on his track workouts. While running up and down the bleachers as his dad sped around the track, his father’s dedication, hard work, and enjoyment were never lost on him, and those attributes became the foundation for the man he is today.

Now a father himself, Patrick continues instilling these values in his own children through his constant dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm toward running. While his family shares some of his love for running, he also wants them to know the more important part is to just enjoy this stint down here called life.